Industrial Pre-Treatment

Wastewater treatment plants are complex and sensitive systems designed to remove contaminants of all kinds from the wastewater that flows to the plant. Most of that wastewater is “domestic” strength, meaning the normal type of residential waste that is generated from toilet flushing, laundry, and other in-home uses.

Industrial users have a responsibility to discharge wastewater into the system that will not disrupt the treatment process. High concentrations of metals, chemicals or organic matter can greatly disturb the treatment process and cause LCA’s plants to operate ineffectively, and potentially harm the environment in the process. Industrial waste strength is monitored throughout LCA’s system, both in Lehigh County and in the City of Allentown.

In addition, we operate a Pre-Treatment plant in Fogelsville, which  is designed to remove much of the Biochemical Oxygen Demand and Suspended Solids contributed by several local industries prior to discharge to the Western Lehigh Interceptor system for final treatment in Allentown.

Reach out to LCA’s Pre-Treatment Wastewater Facility at:

7676 Industrial Boulevard, Allentown, Pa.
610-390-9855 (On-Call Operator)

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