Report a Problem

Before You Start …

Important Notice: Please do not use this form to report an emergency!

Some types of water or sewer service problems are serious and should be dealt with immediately to maintain reliability of service and protect the public’s health. If you suspect an emergency situation, please contact us by phone instead.

If you notice something that you think might be an emergency, please call our offices:

Allentown Residents: 610-437-7515
Non-City Residents: 610-398-1444

Signs of a more serious problem include:

  • Sudden, unexplained loss of water pressure or loss of service, or sudden occurrence of air pockets in your water
  • Water flowing in the street that is unrelated to the weather or a neighbor’s outdoor water use
  • Unexplained, noticeable change in the taste, smell or color of your tap water
  • Sewer backup into your basement, or overflowing manhole
  • Unmarked vehicles or suspicious activity at any of LCA’s facilities such as well stations, reservoirs or wastewater treatment plants
  • Any other change in your water or sewer service that you feel may be an emergency

If you are not experiencing an emergency, please tell us about your issue below:

  • What type of problem are you experiencing?
  • Please provide a description of your problem so we can help find a solution: